Sunday, October 25, 2009

A picture says a 1000 words but what if you're not in the picture?

Finally, after three weeks of long days, late nights, and full weekends of work, we managed to find some time to get some work done on our placement agency profile materials. In doing so, we made a discovery that may not be terribly uncommon – in the process of selecting the myriad photos required (I'll let my wife explain what is expected of us), we suddenly realized how few of the thousands of photos we've taken since we got our first digital camera 7 years ago actually have us in them.

What will you find in our photos?

Our gardens
Rocky promontories with crashing waves
Cool Building
Family members
Christmas trees
Fascinating stuff in museums
Our friends
Our friends' kids
Interesting creatures at the zoo
Renaissance fair performers
Before and after photos of the inside of our house
Did I mention cats?

Notice anything missing? It would appear that we've been so busy taking photos of other people, places, and things that we neglected to take many pictures of us. And those that have been taken recently? Most were shot on our trips to Maine, which means that yours truly presents a stylish image usually set off by a baseball cap, tshirt, and cargo shorts. Too cool for shorts? Jeans then.

Needless to say, we scoured iPhoto and have come close to identifying enough photos. Still coming up short, we did the next best thing.

We called for help, sending e-mails to people we know regularly take photos at family events in the hope that they have some good action shots to share with us.

Otherwise, it's the tripod and self-timer for us tomorrow!

Oh...and did I mention cats?

We've tried to instill a love of reading in our cats but they prefer audiobooks


Anonymous said...

We had the same problem (though minus the cats)! We've already had to take some self-portraits, but we really need to take some more. Can't have every photo of us obviously taken on the same day, in the same outfits. :/

Stephanie said...

I love cats!

We had a similar problem when we were putting together pictures for our wedding video. We actually posed the majority of our pictures one day. Then I felt like we cheated... but today, it makes for a very funny story. :)

Blakeley said...

Wait until after the adoption and then you will have no photos but baby, baby, baby... better not hope to go through another adoption process b/c then I guarantee there will be none with both of you in them....

baby in cute hat
baby with cats
baby in 4th of july gear
baby with cats..

you get the idea!